Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning Strategies with Proficient Tax & Accounting

Build Tax Efficient Wealth

Here at Proficient Tax & Accounting we will help you develop a strategic plan to maximize your capital and build tax efficient wealth.

We specialize in helping business owners and investors implement wealth building strategies that are scalable and incredibly tax efficient, so that they can flourish.

Multi Company & Entity Types

One of the main problems with your typical financial advisor is that they only deal in one primary asset class whereas we’ll help you explore the viability of various asset types such as businesses, real estate, crypto, land, and even lending.

Our goal isn’t to turn a commission, it’s to help you build the most amount of wealth in the most tax efficient manner.

Tax Efficient Wealth Building

We can’t emphasize this enough - our strategic planning will help you build lifelong wealth with significantly reduced tax liabilities.  

We specialize in helping estate planning & family offices as well os owners of closely held businesses develop wealth strategies that accomplish their short term and life-long goals. Whether it’s bequests to the non-profits you love, or if it’s utilizing trusts to ensure your heirs are given boundaries with any inheritance they might receive, we’ll help you achieve your goals.

We’ve developed a team of professionals that allow our clients to deploy many strategies, whether it’s attorneys, life insurance, stocks, or real estate - we’ll help you be wise with your money and build financial momentum in a truly special way.

Our Process

Step 01.


We keep things simple by getting to know each other through a phone call, virtual meeting, or over coffee.

Step 02.


We'll dive into your tax return & accounting to identify opportunities for improvement and a scope of work.

Step 03.


Once you get started, we'll establish a pristine set of books & create a tax plan. It's all about creating a vision for the future.

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