Tax Planning

We'll make sure you're doing everything possible to reduce your taxes

Tax Planning

Business owners deserve to keep as much of their profit as possible, and there's a huge difference between the tax liabilities of those who receive aggressive tax planning and those that do not.

S Corp. and entity type

We will help your business deploy the proper entity type. For most regular business activities, that means exploring how to maximize an S-Corporation to help reduce your Social Security taxes and Medicare taxes.

We will help you understand whether or not an S-Corporation is a good idea for your business, and we will also help you implement an S-Corp and maximize it.

Tax planning with benefits and retirement plans

One of the major levers that business owners can pull to help mitigate taxes are retirement plans and benefits. Our government has set up tax shelters and tax benefits to encourage employers to provide everything from healthcare, dental insurance, life insurance, and other protections to retirement plans.

We will analyze your current financial position and take into account your objectives and then help you understand what benefits and retirement plans are the best return on investment for your particular case.

Solopreneurship Tax Planning

If you are a single owner of a business without any statutory employees, we specialize in helping you understand how to dramatically decrease your income taxes, state taxes, and self-employment taxes.

We will help you build a short, mid, and long term tax mitigation strategy that will help you pay your fair share and not a penny more.

Small Business Tax Planning

We can dramatically change your tax liabilities in a pro-active manner by working throughout the year to time your business purchases and investments.

Tax reduction planning for pass-through entities such as S-Corporations and Sole Proprietorships are incredibly impactful as long as they occur before the end of the year. We come alongside our clients and help them make decisions about their machinery, salary choices, entity types and other tax planning levers before year end.

Our Process

Step 01.


We keep things simple by getting to know each other through a phone call, virtual meeting, or over coffee.

Step 02.


We'll dive into your tax return & accounting to identify opportunities for improvement and a scope of work.

Step 03.


Once you get started, we'll establish a pristine set of books & create a tax plan. It's all about creating a vision for the future.

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