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Payroll Services Los Angeles

Wholesale Payroll Services

Being an accounting firm, we have access to wholesale prices on the major payroll services, which means we can provide payroll for your company, as part of our services, at an excellent value.

Proficient Tax & Accounting will help your small business set up and run payroll services that are totally compliant and easy to use.

Besides payroll, we provide Bookkeeping services that are completely integrated into our outsourced accountant service which combines proactive Tax Planning, Tax Preparation services, Bookkeeping services and Payroll.

Our one stop shop service for small businesses means that they won't have to coordinate anything between multiple providers, and we will be able to provide them with extremely informed strategy & guidance to help them reduce taxes, stay compliant and save time.

One of the best features about Proficient Tax & Accounting Payroll services is that it's integrated with our Tax Planning for S-Corporations.

One of the biggest problems for business owners is understanding how to take as low of a salary as possible within their S-Corporation, while still obeying the reasonable standards the IRS has given.

We will help you make those decisions on your salary, and we will use the payroll system to pay in your taxes according to a comprehensive tax plan. Our goal is to use the payroll system to make sure you end the year without getting a tax return and without owing any taxes.

Our Process

Step 01.


We keep things simple by getting to know each other through a phone call, virtual meeting, or over coffee.

Step 02.


We'll dive into your tax return & accounting to identify opportunities for improvement and a scope of work.

Step 03.


Once you get started, we'll establish a pristine set of books & create a tax plan. It's all about creating a vision for the future.

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